Constitutional Conundrum

These days everyone is free in bullying Pakistani constitution and no one can dare stop you from doing so. Nevertheless the only exception is that the person must not belong to Swat or Mengora, and should not be wearing a turban and have a beard. In such case he will be punished with for not giving due acknowledgment to the constitution, as it happened in Sufi Mohammad’s case. Otherwise if you are a modernist and liberal than just feel free and keep on bullying that’s your fundamental right of expression. It has become the tradition of today’s political campaign that everyone wants to have their say against article 62, 63 of the constitution and on the Election Commission of Pakistan. In upcoming elections the perilous problem politicians are facing is the decision to implement article 62 and 63 of the constitution.
Dealing mainly with qualifications and disqualifications for the membership of parliament; these articles scrutinize candidate by their truthfulness, trustworthiness, sincerity towards Pakistan and the basic knowledge of Islam. The so called liberalists scholars and politicians are highly pinched by this article and voices of dissent can be heard from every corner that Zia’s regime has come again and Election Commission is exploiting its powers. Yes their objections are justifiable to some extent because due to this highly compelling scrutiny many big names of traditional politics will be ousted from electoral process.     
Exactly after five years the virus of election fever has spread all the way from Karachi to Peshawar. Every layman, who in routine life is not concerned with the political happenings in the country, now days highly curious that what is going on in Pakistan. For the last few months many political pundits and scholars kept on threatening that upcoming elections would be highly formidable so the risk factor should not be taken for granted. However, none of them told the people that in the coming elections even the scrutiny of candidates will be that much unprecedented. No one envisaged that the names like Ayaz Ameer, Khurshid Shah, Shaikh Waqas Akram, Jamshaid Dasti and Faisal Saleh Hayat could be rejected on certain grounds. Yet, it happened! Though a lot of people are not happy with this procedure and these politicians are getting sympathy from their colleagues and even from media which usually castigates them. On the contrary, the question arises that should these politicians not be chastised for deceiving the whole nation rather than getting sympathies? The fake degree holder was the custodian of our education ministry. Alas! No wonders why we are still doing poorly in education. I was personally admired Shaikh Waqas and his political devotion but it simply does not permits him to betray the pitiable voters of his constituency who were happy to chose the highly educated and foreign degree holder as their MNA.
These forceful actions of the Election Commission annoy the political parties and so called scholars and they just do not understand how to deal with this. So they have start condemning the article 62 and 63. One of their arguments is that if this article was to implement upon Quaid-e-Azam he would have been disqualified as well. So they are trying to say that Quaid-e-Azam was either a fake degree holder, corrupt or he did not have even the basic knowledge of Islam. If they really meant this, than I must say that they are making fool of themselves and should study the life of Quaid at least for once. Unfortunately portraying Quaid-e-Azam as secular or an average person has become common now a day just because Quaid had British passport and he dressed up in western style. Anyhow that’s another debate but people who think that Quaid would have disqualified according to the criteria of article 62, 63 are wrong. The way Quaid alluded Quranic verses and Islamic teachings in a number of his speeches and writings shows very clearly that he had more than basic knowledge of Islam unlike today’s politicians who shamelessly fails in reciting even second Kalma or Surah Ikhlas. Moreover, the purity and honesty of Quaid is not questionable in any case not because he was some kind of sacred personality, but because his life and personality was crystal clear from these evils.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan and the interim government should take a serious notice of this defamation of article 62, 63 because these are the part of the constitution. Every citizen should abide by this and of course scholars and politicians are no exception. If you don’t like it you should have abolished it from the constitution or do it when you would come in power again. Other than you have no right to abuse the constitution of Pakistan.     

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