Don’t Smash the Statue!

Few days ago I was at Jinnah super market, window shopping with my friends. We were at Ecs shop suddenly my friend whispered in my ear excitedly; look Shireen Mazzari is sitting just behind you. I looked back and thoroughly saw her. She was looking very causal and trying some chappal which was perhaps not comfortable in her feet and she went for the previously checked one. She was accompanied by a cute young lady who was helping her in shopping. During all this time I was looking at her again and again and trying to figure out something different or unusual in her from others as she is a public figure, a politician and a journalist too. She must have some alienate characteristics because both politicians and journalists are usually different from common people like me. After thoroughly scanning her in eyes I found no difference in her which really disappoints me. My friend suggested me that lets go to her and get an autograph and if she allows having a picture with her. She is too a big fan of her alike me. I have been following her articles and papers since long ago; I second her views on Pakistani foreign policy, towards America and India specifically. I enjoyed a lot her remarks over NATO soldiers’ pampering scandal. Recently I entered in my practical life and I have an aspiration that In Sha Allah one day I will be just like her, a strong, determined, and confident in speaking truth, passionate in rejuvenation of the society and the one who make a high positioned place in a male dominant society. In short I have a high regard for her, but I refused my friend to go and talk to her. Although I had many questions which I wanted to ask her. I don’t know exactly why I did that but at that time very quickly two names clicked my mind. Both of them are very famous journalists and I also admired their work and bravery that how intensely they are trying for the betterment of the society. They speak truth and they are not affraid of consequences. I had very high hopes from them and during my studies I planned that ill work with them if get chance. Two or three years before, when I was in college and the dirty issue of blaspheming cartoons which hurts each and every Muslim all around the world arises. I was one of them who could not do anything but to pray for worst chastisement to be sanctioned on the dirty news paper and their editors and cartoonists. One day while I was listening to the one of my favorite anchor got an idea that why not I call and ask him to speak on this issue and to let the world know that we are hurt badly and some strong action must be taken against them. As I told you earlier I had very high hopes with two of them so I called with full believe that he would take into consideration my idea. What actually happened was totally different; he even didn’t let me to complete my sentence which I memorized spending al most half an hour on this. He interrupted me whilst saying that religion and preaching is not his area of interests he only works on political issue and the phone line was dead. I was stunned and took a deep breath. Until today I can not understand that how this matter is non-political and only religious leaders and molvies have the duty to speak on it. The most hurting thing was not his refusal of taking this topic in his program and claiming that he only speaks on political issues. But his program which went on air after few days in which he was discussing some cricket scandal with Shoaib Akhtar who was the only guest that night. I left watching his shows.

However, I didn’t left believing in other one I thought in fact I presumed him to be different from the erstwhile. So I called him to let him know about some corruption scandal in governmental sector. About which I came to know accidently. I did not have any details so I wanted him to investigate and to prevent corruption by letting the authorities know about it. Nothing new had happen. Same rude style when saying that I do not speak to strangers and also it does not happens in government sector. As if he don’t know that what can or cannot happen in government sectors.

I presume that you understand that why I refused my friend to meet Shireen Mizzari. Because I admire her efforts, I believe that she is as same as she looks like in talk shows. I have placed her statue very high in my heart and I really don’t want to smash it.


Vampire of Our Society

Yesterday I saw a really very horrible scene which scared me a lot that I couldn’t sleep well all the night. I could see that scene very clearly in my nightmare as if it was happening to me or to any of my dear one. Wait! it was not any horror movie’s scene in which a vampire suddenly appears and bite a person and s/he too becomes vampire and then both of them started sucking blood of other’s together. Although, it was much alike that when I saw few pupils (who seems to be at some well grade Cambridge school) beating their own school mate in the name of ragging. I hope all of you know about this phenomenon ragging in schools, colleges and universities which gives the forcible authority to the senior students of the institute to make fun of the new comers. As long as I perceived the purpose of this custom or tradition -which al most every institute is following nowadays- is to welcome new students in a relaxed mood and to let them introduced and befriend with the senior students so that they may not feel hesitant or strange in a new place and will start their new academic year in a chilled way. But what I saw in the t.v screens had no justification where one student was being beaten and humiliated by his fellows. The most weird thing that no one from school administration was there to stop them. Their uniforms and the building behind them tells that it was not an ordinary government “taat school” where students are not taught properly of etiquettes and no one bothers that how they are behaving with each other. In fact those students were -if I am not wrong- seems to belong elite class or at least upper middle class of the society. Children of these classes of society are highly sophisticated, well trained and they know the etiquettes of living in a high profile society -perhaps the students in this video keep these qualities only to show in front of their parents or with in their circle-. Psyche of children is a big big matter of concern for their parents so they let their children to live their own lives in their own way. Obviously they want their heads high and to be confident so usually they do not interfere in their personal matters. There is another reason too behind giving them a full freedom that parents are too busy in bringing all the luxuries of life in their homes so that their child do not feel complexed and poor. While making sure that their lives are luxurious -and their child have latest model of iphone and mac book and that they always wear branded/ classy dresses-, usually they ran short of time in giving full attention to the training and personality development of their child. I don’t know what others think but for me a well groomed personality is not that one behaves very sophisticated in front of their relatives and the one who is very confident in giving prompt replies also knows that what thing suits in a more classy way and is having a latest make of mobile and car in hand but s/he does not have the respect for others and always looks down to them. May be all these aforementioned  things matter. However if one do not have the sense of responsibility that how an action or even a single word of them could ruins other’s life and how it could badly hurt the person before them all these thing goes in vain. One could presume the trauma in which the poor boy who is being victimized of the “classy humiliation”. Perhaps one day he too becomes like them because vampire of our society have bite him. God knows better if he could pull his self out of this catastrophic incidence or he too will become the vampire.

Our countries is blessed with bulk of youngsters. Round about 60% of our population is below the age of 24 years. Just imagine that if this youth is properly trained and educated, than with in 15-20 years Pakistan could reach the sky high position in the map of world. Unfortunately majority of our youth is busy in facebooking, twitting and humiliating others.